Welcome to Antique Paperie! We're a small town Southern family, residing in Martin's Mill, in East Texas. Located in between Athens and Canton, we have a gas station and a school. And a lot of pasture, a lot of farmers, a large dairy, and cows! We enjoy easy, peaceful, country living. It's wonderful here. 

 I'm a mom to 3 children, ages 16,18, and 21. So, not little ones, 2 that are almost grown and one already grown and going to College! I'm also a wife to a hard working Oilfield man. Creating unique, stand-apart, one of a kind Art is a passion of mine. I started in 2008, creating handmade Gift tags and Greeting cards on Ebay and Etsy. Altered Art came next. I fell in love with the things I knew growing up - Antiques, Victorian, Old Fashioned everything...When everyone created contemporary, modern paper goods, I created things that looked worn, and tattered. In addition to my love for creating things with my hands, I dove head first into Graphic design. I am a self taught Graphic Design Artist. I began designing ATC Digital Collage Sheets for others who had been bitten by the crafting bug but didn't have time to sit and work all day in Photoshop, or spend countless hours gathering old papers, ephemera, Vintage postcards, etc, and found that my love for all things Old, Antique or Victorian created a small niche in the vast and growing with lightning speed Digital world. People really loved my creations! And paid me for it! I get Custom Work emails weekly. I love what I do. I am an old-fashioned Artist, and probably couldn't create something Contemporary or Modern if you paid me with a wheelbarrow full of gold. And so I began designing Unique and very Victorian style Digital Papers.

Now, after almost a decade in this business, my husband and I have decided to start our very own Scrapbook Paper company, keeping our name of Antique Paperie. We've had the name for as long, with success on Etsy, Ebay and Creative Market, plus a large amount of Custom work over the past several years. My work has been sold to several upscale Brick & Mortar boutiques, and my Artwork has been featured in several magazines as well. We're very proud of our work, but also very humble and still have most of the same vendors we had when we began years ago. I take great care and a lot of time creating each one of my beautiful papers with the sole purpose of turning your scrapbooks or handmade works of art into something to be treasured and adored for years to come. With every handmade piece I create, it has to look and feel as if you've just found an Antique trunk filled with things of old - things from long ago. Please let me say that my family and I appreciates your business, we appreciate your support through the years, and we hope you will love our brand new Scrapbook Paper line as much as we love creating it for you. Have a wonderful day ♥

Sherri Mitchell, Artist/Founder/Creator

Chris Mitchell, CEO/CFO

Brandon, Madison & Sean Mitchell - The Motley "Crew"

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