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Do you have a "split household" where the bride roots for one team while the groom roots for another? Check out our Fun Wedding Things EXCLUSIVE humorous team rivalry key wedding cake topper - with a unique twist on the theme!

Here we have the dejected groom sitting next to his team helmet with the proverbial ball and chain around his right ankle. The bride holds the key (likely the "key" to a lot of things - ha!) in her right hand, while her team helmet is next to her. Humorous looks on both of their faces. Too cute! (Your two teams/schools don't even have to be true "rivals," and you can mix and match sports, as well.)

You pick the two teams (please contact us to see if we have your team or school helmet in stock - we do have most, and we can generally do all the pro football teams (along with many major college football teams), baseball, hockey, and even basketball), and we'll put them to the side of the bride and groom on the cake top.

***During the purchasing process, you'll see an "additional requests/info." message box - it's right below where you'll put your e-mail address. Just let us know your two schools/teams there, along with which goes behind the bride/groom. But again, we'd appreciate if you ask us if we have your schools/teams available first.***

The comical, resin-like bride and groom rest atop a 4 1/2 x 6-inch oval plastic cake topper base. The topper stands roughly 6 inches tall.

Perfect for a groom's cake, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, or just as a really fun, memorable wedding gift.

This one will truly be the talk of your ceremony, reception or party, and a memorable keepsake for years to come, where it will look great on a shelf or even as a fun centerpiece! (Don't forget that we always include a free clear plastic display box with all of our wedding cake toppers, as well!)

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not a licensed product of any team or school/university. It is, however, individually handcrafted from lawfully purchased, licensed merchandise and adornments. Fun Wedding Things is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or licensed by any teams, leagues, or universities in any manner.
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