These prices reflect base starting prices. Custom orders include the base price and $5.00 increment customization fee.

Bottle Lights & Lamps - $39

We upcycle unusual, colorful, one-of-a-kind and even some vintage glass bottle pieces to add your personality to the glass.  We have hundreds of beautiful patterns to choose from and also can customize the bottle to fit you and your style.  Customization includes adding artwork, millions of different font choices and personalization of a name or special phrase.  We can send you a proof before engraving to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.  We then turn these beautiful bottles into even more beautiful lamps by adding small colored lights inside the glass or a lamp kit and shade on top!   These bottles will light your way and offer a truly unique gift for anyone and any occasion!  Everyday, holiday, birthday or any day will be made better with the gift of H&W light!

Drinking Glasses (set of 4) - $45

Repurposed from unwanted bottles, these unique glasses add beautiful imperfections to your elegant, environmentally sustainable sipping. These unique wine glasses are cut and recycled from actual wine and beer bottles! They are all  hand-cut and sanded down to perfection. They can be used as everyday drinking glasses or as special-occasion fun glasses for gifts. These glasses can be put in the freezer for a frosty drink and in the dishwasher too.  Do your part for the Earth every time you sip a drink

Oil/Vinegar/Soap Dispensers - $22

Use these transformed bottles for EVOO, spiced vinegar, dish or hand soap, lotion or coffee syrup! They make a perfect hostess gift, wedding gift or surprise for the cook!  We search for unusual, colorful, one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces to embellish for your kitchen or bath.

Decanters - $22

Store your favorite liquor, wine, coffee beans, cooking oils or even bath salts in these beautiful and special decanters that we have enhanced to make the old-fashioned modern!  What a wonderful way to serve your favorite drink at a party!

Decorative Back-lit Mirrors - Price varies per pieces, size & level of detail

Transform an old mirror into a customized piece of art with sand carving and light!  They are truly unique and will make a lovely addition to your home!

Hand Painted Bottle Lights - $38

These adorably cute bottles are all sandblasted then hand painted for special holidays. Create a snow family on your mantle for Christmas or a ghostly crew in your front window for Halloween.  We have even started painting rabbits for Easter!  These make wonderful night-lights for kids during the holidays!  Each one is unique and has a special personality.

Sand Carved Mugs - $20 , $22, $24

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary! These sand carved mugs are carved by hand - ensuring a perfect deep etch that you can feel. The etch will last forever! Unlike a sticker, these mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe! Prices start at $18 for one side, $20 for two sides (front and back) and $22 to add something to the bottom.

Serving Dishes and Vases - Price varies, contact us for quote.

We can customize plain glass serving dishes into something treasured and handed down for generations using personalization with sandblasting.  We can turn a simple casserole dish into a family heirloom using our sandblasting technique.  Think of the possibilities!  We also transform vases, small dishes, ash trays, and serving trays too.

Wine Charms (set of 4) - $8

We use the corks too!  We never waste the corks and instead turn them into unusual and distinctive  wine charms and necklaces for the people in your life that love wine! 

Wine and Dish Towels - $15 each

What a perfect gift to accompany a bottle of wine or kitchen gift!  Our towels are custom designed to fit your taste or lack there of because these towels have a sense of humor!  Give the gift of laughter or adorn your kitchen with giggles.

Custom Vinyl T-shirts and Apparel - Contact us for a personalized quote.