Frequently Asked Questions: 
1. What kind of payment does Teacup Pups R Us accept?

Teacup Pups R Us has a business bank account and we accept wires or direct deposits to our account.We also accept Visa, MC and Discover for payment. WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMEX! For our protection against fraud we do require a photo copy of your DL front and back and of the card being used. It must match the persons name who places the order for the puppy. 

2. Where is the boutique located and are you related to Boutique Teacup Puppies?

Teacup Puppies LLC is registered in Nevada but, owner is located in Houston, TX. We have a separate website for our VIP pups for those looking for only the most elite, rare pups. We like to showcase those pups on a site of their own due to the rarity and uniqueness. These pups listed here are in a league of their of their own as we have clients who really are only searching for the most rare, luxury pups. 

3. Is it safe to deliver my teacup puppy via airlines and what is involved?

Yes we have several options for shipping for our puppies. We offer shipping United Pet Safe or with nanny service.

Puppy Direct Shipping Services that are offered for Free:

We can ship direct to you to these cities from our breeder including cities Anchorage, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington Dulles for FREE!

Paid Shipping Services Listed Below Not Included in the price of our puppies:

If you live in other locations from listed above and do not want the nanny service we have a rep for our business who would be hired on your behalf to show the puppy at our location after puppy is brought in to us under your name and release letter would be signed giving us right to pick up your puppy on your behalf. There is a service fee for clearing your puppy via customs with a broker $200. This service is $650 Total including broker fee and shipping to your airport.

If you want to hire a puppy nanny through us where the puppy will be brought in to us under your name and we clear puppies via customs with our broker on your behalf there will be a separate handling fee of depending if we are sending to a smaller airport and will be added on the cost of your puppy as broker/nanny fees do apply. The $200 Broker fee would still apply as we would need to clear the puppy on your behalf and pay terminal fee.The nanny would deliver your puppy to you personally and meet you at your local airport for delivery. Please call us for an exact quote 1-888-743-0325. Your pup will be housed for 48 hours at our vet boarding facility under the watchful eye of a licensed veterinarian and his staff. 

International Shipping:

Please see purchase process page for international rates.

4. How long does it take to receive my teacup puppy?

It depends on the puppy being purchased as we only deliver a puppy once we will feel that puppy is ready to go to his/her new home. Some puppies may require extra time with us and you will be notified if we feel a puppy is not ready to go home yet. We do not import puppies younger than 4 months old with rabies vaccination given. After puppy arrival to us usually within 10 days of arrival.

5. Who handles setting up Delivery for my teacup puppy?

We set up all delivery and shipping for your puppy via the airlines. Puppy nanny is available for an additional fee.

6. What's included with the purchase of my teacup puppy?

We include the following with each puppy purchased from Boutique Teacup Puppies: crate, health certificate, up to date vaccinations, starter kit, insurance rebate with proof of purchase.

7. Do I get a discount for purchasing 2 teacup puppies at once?

Yes we do offer discounts for purchasing two puppies at one time. Inquire for more details.

8. Can I come and pick my teacup puppy up myself?

Yes you may fly into our port and a Teacup Pups R Us representative can meet you but, please speak with us first after your teacup puppy’s arrival before booking flights.

9. Can I get updated photos and videos before purchasing a puppy?

We do try and keep our website up to date with new photos and videos biweekly. If you are requesting a new video or photo of a puppy we like a guarantee that you are serious buyer and do request a holding deposit of $1000. If you decide after seeing new photos or videos you do not want to purchase the teacup puppy you requested new photos of within 24 hours of paying deposit we will refund your deposit. After 24 hours there will be no refunds and the deposit will only be transferable to another puppy.

10. Why are the prices so high on these teacup pups? 

We offer luxury and the best of the best on Teacup Pups R Us. We showcase our best for clients looking for that quality and rareness. We do have a sister site with pups ranging from $3000 and up.