1. Buyer agrees that Seller offers 48 hour guarantee for illnesses and 1 year guarantee for genetic, life threatening, untreatable defects for pups purchased that are sold for $6500 and up For all pups sold for less than $6500 we offer a 30 day warranty only.  Luxating patella,  open fontanel , parasites and hernias are excluded from our warranty as these are common in teacup puppies. All claims must be made within 48 hours along with supporting veterinarian documentation proving the puppy has an illness covered by Seller warranty and Seller must be notified within the first 48 hours of diagnosis of ANY ILLNESS after the puppy’s arrival to the new owner.  If Teacup Puppies LLC is not notified within that time frame the claim will be considered null and void and WILL NOT be covered. Further, Teacup Puppies LLC requires a faxed ( 1-888- 575-8340) or emailed (teacuppupsales@gmail.com)  copy of the first initial vet visit report within the first 48 hours. Any claims will be rejected and the warranty guarantee contract considered null/void without this report being sent within that time frame. It is important for our clients to keep in touch with us regarding any illnesses or claims as we have years experience in treatments and may help with offering advise and treatment options.  (Null/Void meaning in this contract refers to puppy being sold “as is” without any guarantee or warranty coverage.)
  2. Buyer agrees that any puppy purchased from Seller will stay at breeders location until we feel the puppy is ready for travel to his/her new home.
  3.  Buyer agrees that all shipping charges are their full responsibility. There are select cities that we can ship to for free from our breeders in South Korea Anchorage, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Guadalajara, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington Dulles. If other airports apply our shipping fee is $450 with United PetSafe
  4. Buyer agrees that if a puppy is brought into the USA on their behalf we will require paper work completed including puppy release form, Power of Attorney form, and a valid Drivers License or passport. We require this documentation to clear the puppy via customs on buyers half. Without it will delay shipping.
  5. Buyer agrees that Seller does not offer Registration Papers on our puppies. If buyer wants registration papers it is their responsibility to register their own puppy with their desired Puppy Registration Club. Seller is not responsible if puppy cannot be registered for any reason.  Our puppies are sold as lovable, luxury pets only. We do not guarantee the any puppy from Boutique Teacup Puppies to be purebred or guarantee that puppy will ever be able to breed.
  1. Buyer agrees that Seller has representatives who will personally accompany your puppy to your closest airport in USA for a fee. A nanny is not provided unless that service is paid for in advance. If you would like this method of shipping please notify us at the time of purchase and we can give you a quote. A delivery confirmation letter must be signed before the puppy is released to you and you must show a valid ID matching the name of the purchaser.  If you are sending someone else to pick up we need a signed release letter from you for that person to pick up on your behalf.
  1. Buyer agrees that Seller will not be held liable for any damages caused shipping delays no matter the cause or reason, whether it be monetary or emotional. Seller will not compensate for delays for any reason. NO EXCEPTIONS! Shipping        delays are always possible with teacup puppies as they may require additional care after travel to USA or before they leave the breeder. Our priority is to our puppies care. We do not refund money for any reason if a puppy requires additional      care from the breeder or a licensed vet as the puppy(s) care if our main priority.
  2. Buyer agrees that Seller does not guarantee Weight of puppy, size, or color of the puppy sold, as puppies coat color and size will/can change with maturity, such as white to cream, etc. We can only give estimates and it is understood that if your puppy weighs more than the estimate given Seller will not be responsible in any way and a refund in partial or full will not be given.
  3. Buyer agrees that Seller puppies are sold as pets only and are to be spayed or neutered by the age of 12 month. By spaying/neutering you extend the life of your pet and reduce chances of health problems later.
  4. Buyer agrees that Hypoglycemia is not an illness, virus, or sickness and it completely preventable by scheduled feedings, providing accurate nutrition with Nutrical supplement or Dyne supplement three times a day in between meals. Tea Cup Puppies LLC will not cover for any illness related to and from Hypoglycemia. A teacup puppy requires monitoring and around the clock at time when they are young puppies. Please See Hypoglycemia Disclaimer for more info.
  1. Teacup puppies should not be purchased for gifts or for young children as they are fragile and do require a lot of care and are fragile and can be injured by being dropped or from a simple fall of a couch or bed. If you are purchasing for a gift it is best to know the receiver understand teacup puppy care and their requirements
  2. Buyer Understands this puppy was imported from South Korea and Teacup Pups R Us is not the original breeder of the puppy being purchased. Also, that it was never implied that Tea Cup Puppies Is the original breeder of puppy. It is also understood that this puppy was brought into the USA on your behalf and the sale did not take place after the puppy’s arrival to the USA that all funds for the puppy were paid prior to puppy’s arrival to USA.
  3. Buyer understands and agrees that we are not responsible for shipping fees or document fees for a replacement puppy. Buyer is fully responsible for paying all fees associated with shipping domestic (in USA) or international (Outside USA) and all required veterinary paperwork for traveling.
  1. If a claim is made on a puppy within our health guarantee that is an untreatable, life threatening, congenital/genetic defect that would cause the puppy from living a healthy life the buyer must sent proof of this within 24 hours of  that vet checkup where diagnosis was made. No REFUNDS will be given.  Seller has up to 6 months by contract to replace a puppy back to a client.  The 6 months time frame starts from the date we approve your claim and you are notified via email. If puppy dies for any reason and a claim is made on puppy a necropsy must be preformed and results sent to us via fax in addition to all vet reports and visits prior to illness or death. Illnesses not included in our 48 hour guarantee hypoglycemia, luxating patellas, hernias, open fontanels, or parasites. These are all treatable or common conditions. If a puppy dies within the warranty Seller requires a copy of a necropsy report with exact diagnosis stating untreatable, life threatening, congenital/genetic defect for a claim to be considered on puppy. We require the 48 hour vet report for any claim made on a puppy. All claims will be denied if buyer does not provide proof of vet visit within 1st 48 hours unless otherwise noted in writing from Teacup Puppies LLC.
  1.  Buyer agrees that seller is not responsible for any vet care expenses or treatment after puppy has left Sellers location.
  2. Buyer agrees seller is not responsible forany vet/care expenses after puppy leaves our care.
  3. Teacup Puppies LLC offers $300 Off puppy price if valued at $4500 or more with proof of one year pet insurance policy via www.petinsurance.com whole wellness plan. Seller offers $150 off purchase price of puppy for all puppies under price $4500 if proof of 1 year insurance policy via www.petinsurance.com whole wellness plan is provided. Insurance must be paid up for 1 year for rebate to apply. Client has the option of waiting the two weeks for delivery the plan to be active if they so choose.
  4. Seller is under no obligation to provide up to date photos or videos of any said puppies after payment has been received. Our breeder often takes videos of each puppy leaving his location and we keep those on file for our records.
  5. Buyer agrees to contact seller directly by phone or email immediately if buyer is unhappy with puppy for any reason. Buyer agrees to not write any complaints about Seller if any complaints are agreed to in this contractual agreement between Seller and Buyer.
  6. Buyer agrees to research care requirements for teacup puppies and understands they do require extra care. They require strict feeding and sleeping schedules for the first few months of life.

Important Policies


Refund Policy for Tea cup Puppies LLC DBA Teacup Pups R Us Buyer agrees that payments including deposits and/or full payments paid on puppy referenced above via wire transfer, direct deposit or credit card are not refundable. Seller will not be refund any payments for change of heart decisions. Once a puppy is considered sold and payment is accepted the puppy is taken off the market for other buyers and Seller will not refund payment after that time.


 Credit Card Payments 

All charges will appear as Teacup Puppies LLC on your statement

All payment made via *credit card* must be verified by sending a copy of your Photo ID at the time of checkout.

Terms and Conditions are listed at checkout process on our website and must be agreed upon at the time of payment.

Hypoglycemia Disclaimer and Information:

 Hypoglycemia is not a illness and can be prevented with proper diet and nutrition. Our warranty does not cover for this syndrome and it is buyers responsibility to prevent their puppy from hypoglycemia.

It is crucial to have Nutrical or Dyne on hand in case of an episode of Hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia is a syndrome that occurs primarily in toy breeds between 6 and 12 weeks of age. A hypoglycemic attack is often precipitated by stress. The typical signs are listlessness, depression, staggering gait, muscular weakness, and tremors-especially of the face. Puppies with a severe drop in blood sugar develop seizures or become stuporous and go into a coma.

 Death can follow. This particular sequence of symptoms is not always seen. through. For example, some puppies exhibit only weakness or a wobbly gait. Occasionally a puppy who seemed just fine is found in coma.

Episodes of hypoglycemia often occur without warning-for example, when a puppy is stressed by shipping. Other common causes of acute hypoglycemia are missing a meal, chilling, becoming exhausted from too much play, or having an upset stomach. These events place an added strain on the energy reserves of the liver. Teacup puppies must eat. It is not an option or something that should be overlooked. If a teacup puppy doesn’t eat their meal a supplement of Nutrical should be given to ensure they maintain their sugar levels. Nutrical should be given every 4 hours to prevent hypoglycemia if they

Prolonged or repeated hypoglycemic attacks in toy breed puppies can cause brain damage. Puppies with frequent attacks should undergo veterinary testing

Treatment: The treatment of an acute attack is aimed at restoring the blood sugar. Begin immediately. If the puppy is awake and able to swallow, give corn syrup or sugar water by syringe, or rub corn syrup, honey, or glucose paste on the gums. You should see improvement in 30 minutes. If not, call your veterinarian.

If the pup is unconscious, do not give an oral solution because it will be inhaled. Rub corn syrup, honey, or glucose paste (nutrical or dyne supplements) on the gums and proceed at once to your veterinarian. This puppy will require an intravenous dextrose solution and may need to be treated for brain swelling. Oral glucose paste is sold at pharmacies or vet supply stores. If you know your dog is subject to hypoglycemic attacks, keep this product on hand.

Prevention: Susceptible puppies should be fed at least four times a day. It is important to feed a high-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-fat diet. It is essential that the diet be high quality. Your veterinarian can recommend an appropriate premium food. Food supplements and table scraps should not exceed 5 to 10 % of the total daily ration. Owners of toy puppies should take precautions to see that they do not become excessively tired or chilled. Many (but not all) puppies outgrow this problem.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia are:

Lethargy, Excessive salivations, dilated pupils, weak, wobbly, cant stand or walking around in disoriented state, seizures, and hypothermia. It is most frequent first thing in the morning but can happen at any time during the day

Common Colds and Upper Respiratory Infections in Teacup Puppies: 

Teacup Puppies LLC will not cover any upper respiratory infections after the first 48 hours. 

Commons Symptoms of colds in puppies are: Shivering, Sneezing, Excessive Nasal Drainage Clear, Cloudy or Green/Yellow mucous from nasal passage, Watery Eyes, Loss of appetite and General Lethargy, and occasional coughing or hacking. We also do recommend if your vet advises any illness to be treated with medication “Clavamox” or “Amoxidrops” for you to get a 2nd opinion as we have found it to be highly ineffective to treat any form of upper respiratory infection in small teacup puppies. Its important to approach any illness with these puppies aggressively. Please contact us directly for more info if your puppy is diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection as we can give you a list of supplies that could be helpful.

Note: Teacup Puppies LLC is not a licensed Veterinarian and the info we provide will not treat any illness. We are offering advice based upon years of experience with teacup puppies.