Our prices are based upon quality and rarity! Try to compare the quality of our puppies to many other websites out there and you can see the huge difference. Our puppies are properly proportioned and have thick, luxurious coats, fabulous baby doll faces w/o tear stains, short legs, stocky conformation. Our puppies are of exquisite quality and their beauty shows through the photos and videos on our site. Our puppies are not from puppy farms or mills!!! What many fail to understand is intense support and care these tiny babies require around the clock in order to get through the first couple months of life. They are raised by highly skilled puppy nurses with around the clock care and nurturing! Puppy Farms/Mills are not going to put that much time and money out for something they cannot make a quick profit on. It is not worth it to them. So, think about a puppy only weighing 1-2 ounces at birth which is mouse size and the required care involved for survival for these teacup puppies. For this reason we do not allow our puppies to go to their new home until they are at least 12 weeks or older and in some cases on very tiny puppies 5 to 6 months. We want to be sure our puppies are healthy and sound in order to make the easiest transition for the puppy into its new home and for the owners.

Our puppies are some of the smallest in the world. We have puppies that full mature to 1, 2 and 3 pounds. Boutique Teacup Puppies only selects the very best ELITE quality puppies to offer our customers and we have an eye for quality. Our puppies are not for everyone but, for families, or very discerning buyers who want the tiniest best teacups in life. Understand a puppy at 12 weeks should only weighs ounces to be a true teacup. A puppy that is 8 weeks and already weighs a pound or more will not be a true teacup. Teacup puppies range from 3 to 4 pounds and micro teacups are 2 to 3 and extreme micro teacups range from 1 to 2. Always ask for current weight of puppy before purchasing to know you are truly purchasing a teacup puppy. We also specialize in hard to find mini breeds that are hard to find as well, including cocker spaniels, welsh corgis, pugs, english and french bulldogs, and a few other select breeds. These are Not really considered Teacups but, Minis as they will usually be half the size of the standard breed size. Our puppies are gorgeous quality and type! If you are looking for the finest quality puppies then you have come to the right place. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and do not forget to contact us for your dream teacup puppy. Our puppies are not for everyone and do require more care and time spent than an standard size dog. Make sure a teacup puppy is right for you and your lifestyle. These babies are a luxury to own and love!