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Unique and oh-so-funny deer hunting-themed groom's wedding cake topper, bachelor party item, wedding gift, or table centerpiece for the deer hunter in your life. The revenge of the deer - the tables are turned!

Our hysterical, sturdy, resin-like, camo-hat-wearing deer has his prize in focus and is ready to take a picture of... the camo-clad hunter himself! His rifle-toting, camo vest- and cap-wearing deer buddy is holding the hunter's head up so the photograph will be perfect. Too funny!

The deer and hunter rest atop a 4 1/2 x 6-inch oval professional cake topper base, covered in camo-themed material and trimmed with white satin piping around the edge. The topper stands right around 7 inches tall. NOTE that because of its sturdy composition, this weighs a little more than a usual topper would. It's right around 12 ounces total, so if you plan on putting it on a cake, you might want to check with your baker to see if their cake can support 12 ounces.

It'll truly be the talk of your ceremony, reception or party, and a memorable keepsake for years to come, where it will look great on a shelf or even as a fun centerpiece, too! (Don't forget that we always include a free clear plastic display box with all of our wedding cake toppers, as well!)
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