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Deer hunter hunting wedding cake topper - The humor of the sign-holding buck!

Looking for a funny but still elegant wedding cake topper? Here it is, hunting and outdoors fans! Perfect for a groom's cake, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, or just as a wedding gift!

The dazed groom is being dragged away by his bride... away from a camo-clad deer holding up a sign which reads, "Hunters will do anything for a BUCK." The bride also has his gun under her arm as she drags him away from the buck. There are even "fingernail marks" from where she's dragging him. Too cute! The bride and groom are on a 4 1/2 x 6-inch oval base, and the topper stands very roughly 6 inches tall.

PLEASE NOTE - IMPORTANT: Since the resin/composite deer has so many little parts, no matter how well we pack, we are finding that some don't fare too well during cross-country shipping. (Unfortunately, we have no control over how gently or roughly boxes are handled once they leave us, of course.) So we will wrap your deer extra-well, and it will come packaged individually right with your topper - all you'll need to do is put a drop of Superglue on the bottom of his hooves to attach him securely to the cake topper base. It'll take you about... 10 seconds! We found that our customer friends do like this option - their deer is certain to arrive safely in one piece, and they can also position him on the cake topper base to their liking - some people like the deer angled in a slightly different direction, etc. Thanks for your understanding - this really works out best for all parties involved!

It'll truly be the talk of your ceremony, reception or party, and a memorable keepsake for years to come, where it will look great on a shelf or even as a fun centerpiece, too! (Don't forget - we always include a free clear plastic display box with each of our wedding cake toppers!)
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