Want to shop early?    Want to earn a higher percentage of your own items?


3 hour volunteer ~ SHOP EARLY!

6 hour volunteer ~  SHOP EARLY and Earn 65% of your own sales (one shift must be during break-down) 

9 hour volunteer ~  SHOP EARLY and Earn 70% of your own sales  (one shift must be during break-down)


VOLUNTEER slots will be open soon!  

Join us a volunteer! Click here to sign up to volunteer!


Water and simple snacks will be provided.   Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing!   If you have any physical limitations, please email us and let us know!    

If you have a baby that can be worn in a sling, you are welcome to bring him/her.  We just ask that if you need to take a break for feeding or to care for the baby that you adjust your time.    We are flexible!   

We do ask that children are not brought with you when you are volunteering.   


Pre-Sale SHOPPING Dates for our volunteers:



3:00-5:00   9 hour volunteer

3:30-5:00.  6 hour volunteer

4:00-5:00.  3 hour volunteer