Wee-Cycle Children's Consignment will accept children's clothes, toys, outside toys, shoes, and baby equipment!  The list below will help you determine what is acceptable to bring to our sale!

Minimum price: $3.  Items may be grouped together with rubber bands or tape.    

Most IMPORTANTLY, check to make sure that there are NO RECALLS!   You can do this at: www.cpsc.gov or www.wemakeitsafer.com


  • Size newborn through children's size 16 and name-brand teen clothing if meets requirements
  • Fresh, clean, in style clothes (No rips, stains, holes, pills, defects, wrinkly or smelly)  Items will be pulled from the floor if not QUALITY! Quality is important to us.
  • NEW underwear and socks can only be sold IF in the original package and sealed.  NO used undergarments or socks!
  • All clothing must be hung.      (Onesies, sleep sacs, leggings, jeans, etc)
  • Clothing must not be older than three years.  Many have dates on the tags
  • A limited amount of JUNIOR / TEEN CLOTHING will be accepted if BRAND REQUIREMENT is met! (ITEM LIMIT:  20 per consignor- combined girls/boys) ACCEPTED BRANDS for Junior/Teen Clothing: Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Gap, Hollister, H&M, J. Crew, Limited. Lucky, Seven, Altr'd State, Anthropologie, Vineyard Vines, Boutique clothing, App State, UNC, Duke items, Under Armour, NIKE, Adidas, LuLuLemon, North Face, and similar  (NO OTHER teen/junior items will be accepted). We will NOT put adult clothing on the sales floor.  
  • Maternity:   ITEM LIMIT: 10 per consignor  (Please only bring your best!)

Shoes:  NO SHOES will be accepted for the FALL & WINTER sale.

  • Must be LIKE-NEW.  No dirty, muddy, smelly shoes!  If too worn, they will be pulled from the floor.  
  • Up to YOUTH size 6  (NO adult size shoes)
  • ATHLETIC CLEATS are accepted BUT must be clean.

Toys:   Books, DVD's, Dolls, Dress-up, Little Tykes, Step 2, GAMES, Little People, etc.......(all toys that require batteries must have  batteries installed)   Do NOT tape over the bar code! Secure the tag with a zip tie or tape across the top only! Please SECURE all items. If using bags, tape them shut with shipping tape!  Items with multiple pieces must be attached to each other with a tape, Ziploc, or zip ties.


LARGER TOYS/ RIDE-ONS/ OUTDOOR:  Ride-On Toys, Outdoor Play Equipment, Playhouses, Slides, Bikes, Tri-cycles, Trains, Tables, Play Kitchens, Work Benches...if you want to sell it, we'll make room! (please email me if you are wanting to bring anything that won't fit in a small closet...    We have room.) All items must have ALL their parts. Electronic items must have batteries and work. Use shipping tape to secure all parts. Do NOT tape over the bar code! Secure the tag with a zip tie or tape across the top only!

Baby Equipment: strollers, highchairs, cribs (NO Drop Side), pack & play, bouncy seats, carseats (newer than 5 years),  etc. Bassinets, Toddler Beds, Changing Tables, Gliders, Child Size Tables & Chairs, Side Tables, etc.   Do NOT tape over the bar code! Secure the tag with a zip tie or tape across the top only! Mattresses may only be sold if with a crib or toddler bed.


Feeding Items:  Bottles (NEW in package only) and pacifiers (NEW in package only), Bottle warmers, high chair covers.  NO formula. No baby food. Infant blankets, bibs, & burp clothes will be put in bins. These can be folded and placed in a ziploc bag.  Please hang sleep sacs and onesies.




Clothing~ Fall & Winter Clothes--  pants, , long-sleeve, jackets, snow pants, ski jackets, Fall & Christmas clothing!  We will not accept shorts, short-sleeve/sleeveless tops, summery clothes, etc.  

JUNIORS/TEENS~ Make sure you choose the appropriate category and remember the limit!

Shoes~ No shoes this sale. (Exception- Sport snow BOOTS~ the waterproof kind (not fashion boots)  BOGS, MUCKS, North Face, Sorel, Columbia)

HOMEGOODS~. No home goods this sale (including home decor, linens, etc)

Nursery and Baby~. any baby equipment or furniture will be accepted.




We will NOT accept:

Drop-side cribs

Twin or Full Mattresses  (unless it is with the crib or toddler bed)

Linens/beddings (including quilts, comforters, sheets, etc. Regardless of brand)

Home Decor (For fall/winter 2021 sale only)

Shoes (For fall/ winter 2021 sale only)

Sleeping bags

VHS tapes

Breast Pumps

Diaper Genies (they just don’t sell)

Stuffed Animals


Used Bottles/Used Pacifiers

Used undergarments (socks/underwear/bras) 




All items that are brought to Wee-Cycle Children's Consignment that do not meet the guidelines will be donated if priced under $10.   If priced over $10, items will be held for you to claim. These items will not be resorted with your other items. It will be your responsibility to look through them and claim your items.  

Read Consignor Instructions on how to prepare items for our next sale.